The Contest


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Speed Rack is a competition created by and for female bartenders. And, they're we're at it, they're going to raise some money to fight breast cancer. All proceeds from the events go to supporting breast cancer education, prevention and research.

Speed Rack is a national cocktail competition that features female bartenders in key cocktail markets and puts them head to head in round robin style timed and judged challenges. It is the first competition of its kind to highlight strong women in the spirits industry.

In each city, using sponsors' products, participating bartenders are required to make a round of cocktails selected at random culled from a list of 50 industry-standard recipes. In front of a panel of food and beverage luminaries, the ladies go head to head in round robin style instant elimination rounds. The judges request and evaluate each drink based on accuracy, taste and presentation. After the surviving time and judging penalties, the swiftest and most skilled women under pressure move forward to the next round until our bracket is down to two. There is only one winner. She is crowned Miss Speed Rack.

The Finals for the inaugural year of 2011-2012 were held in New York City on Thursday, May 10, 2012.

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